Sustainable Simplicity @ Jucy Snooze

Sustainability is in simplicity.  As a family of frequent flyers we’ve come to prioritise sustainability, because we want our children to be able to show their children the world, just like we have the privilege of doing. When we’re looking for accommodation, there are only a few non-negotiables: cleanliness, space, filtered water, and comfortable beds. That is what you get at Jucy Snooze but also, much more! No costly, eco-unfriendly frills, but all the amenities.

Jucy Parklife

Located just outside of the airport, the Jucy Snooze Christchurch location offers a quick commute to the city centre and a quiet space to relax after a long flight, or before beginning your New Zealand adventure. We live 2 hours away from Christchurch, and found that Jucy Snooze offers the perfect staycation experience.

The purple and lime green colours and the redheaded Jucy fairy kept the kids enchanted while we checked in. There are kiosks in the lobby for late check-ins, and the stairways and elevators are only accessible by key card.

Jucy Bedroom, story time.

We made our way up to a family room, which can comfortably accommodate a family of four, if one of the children is small. Our 6 year old took the twin, and we the parents shared the queen-sized bed with our 4 year old. There’s plenty of room for a children’s travel bed should co-sleeping not be your thing. (Travel beds are a great investment if you have under 7s, and need an extra bed, but not an extra room!) The high beds leave space for all of your luggage underneath. We didn’t have much, so our children used it as play space.

The rooms are squeaky clean and the beds are comfortable. Housekeeping only touches the sheets if you request it. The shower is amazing, with massage-grade water pressure and infallible hot water. There’s a television, big windows and air conditioning…really everything you need as a traveling family.

But with Snooze, it’s the extras. It’s the things that are so simple they should be standard, but make all of the difference in terms of sustainability.

The kitchen and Parklife hangout area are also bright, airy, and clean. There is a sign noting that dishes, dirt and food left around will result in a fine, which is encouraging. Many hotel/hostels with shared kitchens end up in complete disarray with no repercussions. When everyone cleans up after themselves, this feature is so good for families.

Parklife eating

We stopped at the nearby supermarket on our first day, and picked up staples. We woke up every morning and had breakfast in the kitchen, cutting mangos and pouring bottomless bowls of cereal. While we washed dishes and cleaned our table, the  girls took a swing in the hammocks, jumped on the beanbags, read from the free books available, or ran around in the little outdoor space. Bellies full, we head out for the day.

We return after a full day of activities to whip up a quick pasta for dinner, thereby sparing our tired children (and our fellow diners!) potential meltdowns in a restaurant.

If I could pinpoint the most sustainable feature of any hotel or hostel, the one mark of eco-friendliness we look for, it is the availability of filtered water. With disproportionate amounts of plastic waste in New Zealand (and around the world), we travel with refillable water bottles. But it doesn’t make a difference unless there is filtered water on offer. Especially in destinations where it is unsafe to drink the tap water, most hotels are still offering water bottles everyday, instead of investing in safe, drinkable water via filters and fountains. You can drink the water in most of New Zealand, but we love the extra environmentally conscious perk of having it available in the kitchen. We filled up our bottles every morning before hitting the road, and did not have to buy water during the day.

Jucy water pic

Coupled with a detailed, centrally located recycling station, soaps from a local natural soap making company (instead of generic industrial, toxic soaps that are unsafe for children’s skin), Jucy Snooze nails ‘the no frills, all the amenities’ vibe we’ve come to appreciate in our accommodation.  

Frequented by a diverse crowd of singles, seniors, and families, locals and tourists, who all seem to agree that sustainability comes in small, simple packages, Jucy Snooze definitely gets the Travelkin seal of approval!

*This post is in partnership with Jucy, @JUCYWorld, #jucysnooze